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What is my car worth?

This service is billed with 2 x £1.50 messages plus your standard network rate. This is not a subscription service. To opt-out of marketing text STOP to 88755. Over 16 only. Service provided by Glass’s Guide ( Service provider: Mobile Interactive Group. Customer Service: 0870 248 0277. Terms and conditions apply.

Please note, valuations obtained CANNOT be used for insurance settlement purposes. For more information on this, please refer to the 'FAQ' section below.


Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the vehicle specification, some inaccuracies may occasionally occur.  It is important that you do not rely solely on this information, but check with a member of the sales staff about any features which may affect your decision to buy the car.


The values provided by this service are NOT insurance settlement values, cash values or replacement prices and should not be presented as such. 

All trade-in valuations given are based on a single transaction with a bona fide motor dealer involving the sale of the consumer’s car in part exchange for the purchase of a different car from the same dealer on the same day. 

If the actual transaction is due to take place in the future (e.g. when ordering a new car), the value offered by the dealer will be affected. 

Vehicle prices are affected by many different factors such as regional variations, sales promotions, a dealer’s perceived view of the condition of a vehicle, or if a franchised dealer is being asked to consider a transaction for a marque outside the franchise. 

In any event, the amount quoted should not be relied upon solely, and should be treated as a guide only.


Ready for retail sale; mechanically perfect, paintwork unblemished for vehicle under two years old, but may have slight stone damage on vehicle over two years old or with high mileage. Interior should be immaculate. A full service history must be provided. 

All equipment fitted should be fully operational. Tyres should be new or nearly new, wheels and trims clean and undamaged. If appropriate, the MOT Certificate must be for a minimum of nine months.


Some wear and tear to mechanical parts may be expected. Some minor repair might be required to the paintwork, although there should be no serious damage requiring replacement bodywork. 
The car will be of generally tidy appearance inside and out but some expenditure may be required for retail sale. A full service history must be provided. 

All equipment fitted should be fully operational. Tyres should not be more than half-worn. Wheels and trims should be in good condition. If appropriate, the MOT Certificate must be for a minimum of six months.


Requires mechanical repair or some repair to bodywork. The interior may be worn and seats may have marks. Some corrosion, damage or poorly repaired paintwork may need attention. 
The car may not have a full service history and would not be offered for retail sale without significant expenditure. Major items of equipment such as radios should be operational. 

Tyres should be legal with an even tread depth across the tyre. Wheels and trims may show evidence of some scuffmarks. If appropriate, the MOT Certificate must be for a minimum of three months.

The "dealer asking price" or "windscreen price". It is not necessarily the price a consumer would actually pay, as it may be the subject of negotiation, discount or an extra allowance on the value of your own car. It will also vary depending on any special offers applicable at the time, condition, length of warranty and any options and extras that may be fitted.
Glass’s Private Sale price represents an estimated selling price for a car sold by one private individual to another private individual at a given time. Private Sale prices apply to cars in good overall condition. A car in good condition will carry the best part of a year’s MOT. The car should present itself well, with no obvious damage to bodywork. Tyres and mechanical parts should all be in good condition. All equipment should be fully operational. In the case of cars under 3 years of age, the balance of the manufacturer's warranty would also be included.


The trade-in price (the amount a dealer pays you) differs from the retail price (the price a dealer advertises the car) because a dealer has the following costs and considerations:

  • refurbishment, valeting, servicing & stocking/storage
  • warranty, administration & title checks
  • profit, advertising & VAT



1. I've sent in my text but I haven't received a response.

First, please check that your text is in the correct format. You need to text in a keyword (where stated) followed by a space, then your registration number (with no spaces), followed by a space and mileage (again with no spaces). For example, your text should read as follows: KEYWORD HD06NHN 12000. Once your text is in the correct format, send it to the shortcode stated (example: 88755). 

If you have done all this correctly and still not received a response, it could be for one of the following reasons:

  • i) The text you sent to us may have failed for some reason. You could try sending it again as you will not have been charged for using the valuation service, however, please bear in mind that you standard network text rate will still apply.
  • ii) Your mobile phone may be out of credit. If you do not have enough credit on your phone we will not be able to send you your valuation.
  • iii) You may have a bar on your mobile preventing you from using premium rate services. To remove a bar you will need to speak to your network operator directly.

2. I've received a return text stating that you don't value my vehicle. Why is that?

We only value UK specification vehicles registered between 1992 and 2011. If the vehicle that you're trying to value is older than 1999, is American, is specialist or made in small numbers (e.g. Caterham, Lamborghini) or is a 'grey import' (e.g. a Mitsubishi Pajero or other non-UK Japanese vehicle) you won't be able to use this service.

3. Is this a subscription service?

This is not a subscription service. To opt-out of free marketing messages text STOP to 88744. Over 16 only.


4. I have a query in connection with the valuation or service I received

Service is provided by Glass's Information Services Ltd. Service provider is MIG. Customer Service is provided by MIG: 0870 248 0277. Remember to clearly detail the query you have, your mobile telephone number, the time and date of the valuation, and any problems you encountered. We will investigate and respond accordingly

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