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About us
About us
Customer Care
Customer Care
Jet Forecourt
Jet Forecourt
Motorhome service and repair

About us

Border Cars Group is one of the leading motor retail groups in Ayrshire, South West Scotland and Cumbria, with seven sites in Dumfries, Ayr, Stranraer, Carlisle and Workington.  Since 1977, 7 days a week, we have focused on providing a high quality service to customers.  We work hard to be successful and have one set of core values at our all sites - treat customers and visitors the way we would expect to be treated ourselves. Everything else follows from this.

We operate the following vehicle franchises: Mazda, Kia, Chrysler Jeep, Fiat, Fiat Professional, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Chevrolet, ŠKODA and Ford (and we represent leading Motorhome franchises in Ayr).  We have showrooms, workshops, parts departments, bodyshops, a large rescue and recovery operation and a filling station.
Founded in 1977 by Mike Fusco and with an uninterrupted history of growth and development, the business has an annual turnover in excess of £80 million and employs 301 staff.

Retailing is a people business and the company attracts and retains the very best people.  When you visit our sites, everyone you come in contact with is asked to begin from the central theme of treating customers and visitors the way they would expect to be treated.  We continually review our prices to ensure they are competitive and we will stand out from the rest with a personal service and a caring atmosphere, not treating you like a number but instead listening to what you want and looking after your motoring needs.

If you have any questions about the business please do not hesitate to visit, phone or email us!
Border Cars Customer Care

Customer Care

Our Customer Care team are on hand to help with any questions you may have about the services we provide. They work with:

• Enquires/Queries regarding the business or products we sell
• New car/motorhome follow up calls
• Service follow up call
• Service & MOT Reminders
• Tyre rotation Reminders
• Extended Roadside Assistance quotes
• Quote for Service Plans

Based in Dumfries, they co-ordinate these routines for all sites and are available Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm.


How to get in touch

Border Cars Group Ltd, 130-132 Terregles Street, Dumfries, DG2 9DX
Telephone: 01387 271030


When you buy a vehicle from Border Cars Group you should expect the experience to run smoothly and professionally and we will follow up to make sure this has been the case!  No-one will try to sell you anything but a few days after delivery, we will ask “is everything OK?” That’s it. 

We want to ensure you are happy with everything from the paperwork through to the operation of the controls of your vehicle. If there is anything you want to ask, our team will look after any concerns on your behalf. They will work with other staff as required, cut through the red-tape and resolve any outstanding points.  It is important that you are treated as we would want to be treated ourselves!

In a similar way, when you have your vehicle serviced in one of our workshops, or you visit our bodyshops, we use your feedback to ensure the quality of service remains high.

Why do we do all of this? Simple - we want you to come back again and again, and tell everyone you know that your experience with Border Cars Group is a friendly one. Friendly, professional, thorough, caring and pain-free.

Customer care, follow-up and follow-through are key issues for our staff, in all departments. If there is ever anything you want to ask or bring to our attention, about any experience you have with Border Cars Group, please let us know. We will act. Your visit, phone-call, letter or email will be logged and a member of staff will follow through whatever may be required within an agreed timescale, keeping you informed along the way.

Meet the team

Border Cars Customer Care Staff

Jessie Kirk
Group Customer Care Manager

Border Cars Customer Care Staff

Danielle Hughes
Group Customer Care Supervisor

Border Cars Customer Care Staff

Rachel Ursell
Group Customer Care Assistant

Border Cars Customer Care Staff

Abbie Nicoll
Group Customer Care Assistant



Car Sales

How do I go about booking a test drive?

You can book a Test Drive on our website – our enquiry form is located at the bottom of each page and there is also a Book A Test Drive button next to our New Car selection.

Alternatively, you can call your local Border Cars dealership directly to arrange.  The telephone numbers for our sites are:

Terregles Street, Dumfries - 01387 267835
Glasgow Road, Dumfries - 01387 720551
Kingstown Broadway, Carlisle - 01228 882222
Grearshill Road, Carlisle - 01228 882222
Joseph Noble Road, Lillyhall - 01900 233133
Heathfield Road, Ayr - 01292 282727
Blackparks Industrial Estate, Stranraer - 01776 702478

What if the car I want to Test Drive isn’t at my nearest site?

Don’t worry if the car you are after isn’t at your local dealership, we move stock daily and are happy to transport the car to your local Border Cars site so you can try before you buy.

Can I take an extended Test Drive?

We understand that sometimes you need to drive a vehicle a few times and on different roads to get a true feel for the car.  If you would like an extended Test Drive, please speak to a member of the Sales Team who can assist in organising this for you.

Can I part exchange my car?

Yes – we will inspect your part exchange car and ensure you get an up to date valuation for the vehicle you are looking to trade in.

I can’t come into the dealership to collect my car – how will I pick it up?

If collecting your new vehicle is an issue, please let your Salesman know and we would be happy to arrange a drop off service at a time convenient to you.

Can I buy online?

At present we don’t have a facility to purchase vehicles online but if you like what you see and would like to purchase without visiting one of our dealerships, we can make all the necessary arrangements over the phone.  Please get in touch for further details.

Can I organise my own car finance?

Yes.  We offer a variety of finance packages and options but if you have alternative finance options already in place, we are happy to apply this to your vehicle accordingly.

What do I need to bring with me?

We ask for 2 forms of ID – usually a driving license and bank card as well as a bank statement if you are applying for finance.

I’m a business customer – how can you help me?

We have a dedicated Business Centre who is able to assist with your requirement and budget, however small.  Please call us to find out more.

I have an issue with my car after purchase

We are certain you will receive great service from our dedicated Sales Team but we understand sometimes things can go wrong.  Our Customer Care team will be in touch shortly after your purchase and can help resolve any issues you may have.

Jet Forecourt

Jet Forecourt

Our Jet Filling Station on Terregles Street is Open 7 days a week from 6.15am until 10pm

Jet Filling Station

Our servicing include:

  • Petrol and Diesel
  • Daily Newspapers and Magazines
  • Lottery and Instants
  • Bread, Rolls and Milk
  • Rollover Car Wash and Jet Wash
  • Butane Gas - 7kg, 13kg
  • Propane Gas - 6kg, 11kg, 19kg, 47kg
  • Logs, Kindling, Coal & Heat Logs
  • Beers, Wines and Spirits
  • Pay Point
  • Hot drinks machine
  • Cigarettes and Vapour Liquids
  • Car care
  • Groceries
  • Stamps
  • Crisps and Sweets