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The New KIA Sportage

As reviewed by our Kia Sales Manager, Jon Marshall
If you are looking for a family car that ticks all the boxes then look no further than the New Kia Sportage. Having recently been driving a leading competitor estate car I was wary that I could find anything as spacious, well equipped and do the job that I needed a family car to do!

After being handed the keys to the new mild hybrid Sportage I was impressed with the overall finish and technology. Sat Nav, 19” alloy wheels, cruise control, leather interior to name but a few features that immediately came to view. The boot was spacious to take the double buggy and the isofix made it so easy to put the child seats in (always a god send when changing cars!)

After loading the family and all the bits that we needed (only going to the shops but we take enough for a weeks’ holiday!) we set off with my daughter loving the panoramic roof as the blind went back and the sky and trees were revealed. There is plenty of space between the child seats for an adult to sit and the rear seats recline to make them even more comfortable.

The drive with the 2.0 Diesel engine paired with the electric motor is incredibly smooth from pulling away and gives you that extra bit of power when needed to overtake the odd tractor or on the motorway. Great fuel consumption – the car was brand new and instantly got 42mpg with an actual of 48.7mpg predicted.

Outside the car has the distinctive Kia Tiger Nose shaped grille and with the stunning looking 19” blade diamond cut alloy wheels, great metallic paint finish and the commanding lines you cannot fail to be impressed with the Sportage.

The 7 year 100,000 mile warranty puts your mind at rest but to be honest after driving the car for the last 5 weeks you really don’t need it, the car is great to drive, crammed with the latest technology and stunning visually.

If you are looking for a car that does exactly what you would expect it to do with the size and style then this is for you! Having driven numerous different vehicles and in the region of half a million miles over the years I was immediately taken with the KIA Sportage and would highly recommend it as a family car. Come and see me to have a closer look and try one for yourself.

Jon Marshall - Sales Manager
Date posted: 2nd, November, 2018