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Take care when choosing a colour

Choosing the right colour of van can increase its value on the used vehicle market by up to 7%.

Vehicle data experts at CAP HPI analysed vehicle sales data for the past five years and found that while white is by far the most popular colour (53% of vans registered this year have been white, for example), it is not necessarily the best colour choice.

• Orange medium vans achieved a 6.8% residual value premium compared to an equivalent white van.
• Brown large vans achieved a 5.2% premium compared to an equivalent white van.
• Grey small vans achieved a 5% premium compared to an equivalent white van.

Grey vehicles also achieved a premium in other LCV sectors, including city vans (4.2%), medium vans (4%), large vans (3.4%) and 4x4 workhorses (2%).

“Ever since 1984, when CAP HPI introduced its Red Book valuations for LCVs, the published values have always used a basic LCV in white as the benchmark,” Steve Botfield, Senior Editor for Commercial Vehicles & Motorcycles at CAP HPI, said. “It remains the number one choice for van drivers, but picking the right colour for the right model can really pay dividends at resale.”
Date posted: 13th, December, 2017