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A new way to look at historic vehicles?

The international federation of historic vehicles, FIVA, has produced a new guide for people who buy, preserve and drive a historic vehicle.

The Charter of Turin Handbook looks first at historic vehicles as cultural artefacts, arguing that we need to appreciate them in a new way. Given the impact of cars on our lifestyles and the radical changes they have brought in a short space of time, historic vehicles should “no longer be seen just as a hobby, a toy for grown-up boys, but rather as part of the cultural heritage of our civilization”, says the Handbook.

It then goes on to offer practical advice about the restoration and maintenance of historic vehicles, suggesting how owners and enthusiasts can stay true to the principles of the Charter of Turin – a landmark document recognised worldwide by organisations such as UNESCO, the EU and the FIA, which presents a voluntary protocol on the preservation and use of historic vehicles.

“It’s important to point out that the Charter of Turin is intended only as a guideline, and as helpful advice on good practice,” FIVA President Patrick Rollet explained. “FIVA’s intention is to protect and promote a correct and historically respectful way of looking at the past, and we hope the new handbook will prove both fascinating and useful to those who choose to apply the charter’s principles to their own vehicles – as well as prompting further discussion and debate on the cultural role of historic vehicles.”
Date posted: 4th, December, 2017