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New tyre guidance for motorhome drivers and unique pressure calculator

TyreSafe has unveiled new tyre guidance for motorhome users, along with a unique pressure calculator at tyresafe.org.

The guidance explains the different types of tyres that motorhomes are equipped with, and the maintenance checks required to keep them in good condition. It has been compiled into a downloadable PDF on the website, which includes tyre pressure charts.

However, for greater convenience, TyreSafe has added an automatic calculator to the ‘check your pressures’ section of its website, which requires just four pieces of information from the user. Fully compatible with mobile phones, the user simply selects the number of rear axles and then adds either the maximum or fully-laden load for the front and rear of the vehicle. The tyre size and type are then selected from a drop-down menu to produce suggested pressures.

The calculator is intended to provide guidance when owners do not have access to the motorhome manufacturer’s recommended pressures provided in the vehicle’s documentation or on a sticker on the vehicle.

“Maintaining motorhome tyres is crucial to minimising risks of an incident on the road,” Stuart Jackson, the Chairman of TyreSafe, said. “Motorhomes are typically driven close to their maximum weight on every trip, so ensuring the right tyres are fitted, are roadworthy and are inflated to the correct pressure for the load is essential. Understanding the differences between the tyres now available can be confusing for drivers, but they will find our guidance both informative and easy to understand.”

Further details on tyre safety can be found at tyresafe.org, where owners taking their motorhome out of storage will find an informative animation detailing important tyre checks which need to be carried out before returning the vehicle to the road in the ‘film and animation library’.

You can find the pressure calculator at http://www.tyresafe.org/check-your-pressures/motorhomes/
Date posted: 27th, September, 2017