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Van fleets missing opportunities for ‘rightsizing’

Businesses running light commercial vehicle fleets are potentially missing significant opportunities for ‘rightsizing’, with 83% of those who acquired a van in the last 12 months simply replacing it with one of the same size.

The finding comes from the 2017 edition of Arval’s Corporate Vehicle Observatory Barometer research, which covered 3,847 fleets.

Rightsizing refers to adopting a strategy designed to match the payload needs of a fleet to the specification of a specific model of van as closely as possible, delivering benefits in a wide range of areas from fuel efficiency to reduced environmental impact.

Some 8% of those surveyed opted for a van that was bigger, while 7% went for smaller – well below the level of change that would be expected from a typical fleet optimisation exercise. The figures were largely the same for all sizes of fleet.

“Model selection is probably the most important van-related decision a business can make,” Shaun Sadlier, the Head of Arval’s Corporate Vehicle Observatory in the UK, said. “Having a vehicle that closely meets your needs can make a huge difference to fleet costs and efficiency, and the rapid proliferation of different van designs and payloads that are now available means it is possible to identify models to fit almost any fleet profile.

“However, this research indicates that the vast majority of fleets are adopting a ‘same again’ policy to van selection, almost irrespective of fleet size, and foregoing the potential whole life cost savings in areas such as fuel and tyres that ‘rightsizing’ can deliver.”
Date posted: 13th, September, 2017