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  • Beat Brexit with Border Cars

    Beat Brexit with Border Cars

    With the 29th of March looming, the country prepares to exit the EU. It has been widely reported that cars manufactured in the EU and imported to the UK will be subject to tariffs of up to 10% in the event of a no deal Brexit. This could have significant financial implications for anyone purchasing a car after this date, as it means that a car buyer could pay up to £22,000 for a car which is priced at £20,000 today. Analysis by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) suggests that EU tariffs on cars could add at least £2.7 billion a year to imports. It states that import tariffs could push up the list price of cars imported from Europe to the UK by an average of £1,500. When the pound was strong pre-Brexit, European car manufacturers were also able to offer strong incentives, however, the weaker pound would negate that benefit. The decision for the car buyer is whether to buy now, or to wait until after Brexit. The Bank of England has stated that even with a smooth Brexit, there could be a faster rate of interest rate increases. Some suggestions are that rates could double over the next three years, so buying before rates rise will be an appealing option. At Border Cars, we would like to help you Beat Brexit and make huge savings on your new car. Aaron Jameson, Managing Director at Border Cars, said: “Brexit has created uncertainty around whether those looking to purchase a car should do so now, or wait until after we leave. All indications point towards car prices increasing regardless of the outcome of Brexit. I would like to help as many people as possible get into their new car before Brexit and take away any confusion and extra cost that it may present.” Border Cars are committed to offering great deals and great service. Our team of experts can offer advice on how you can Beat Brexit and avoid any additional costs whilst purchasing your new car.
  • Mitsubishi 48 Hour Test Drive

    Mitsubishi 48 Hour Test Drive

    At Border Cars, we firmly believe that you need to try before you buy. That's why we're offering you a complimentary 48-hour test drive across our entire Mitsubishi range! Get to know your next car by driving it for two days and experiencing how if can fit into your life. To take advantage of this amazing offer, get in touch with your local Border Cars Mitsubishi dealer in Dumfries, Ayr, Carlisle & Workington.
  • The Border Cars Scrappage Scheme

    The Border Cars Scrappage Scheme

    The Border Cars Scrappage scheme gives you money off a brand new car for trading in your old car. As part of this scheme, you could get the following discounts • Mazda3 Petrol - £4,000 off • Mazda3 Diesel - £6,000 off • Mazda6 - £6,000 off • Mazda CX-3 - £4,000 off • Mazda CX-5 - £4,000 off If your car was registered on or before 31 December 2010 you could be eligible for our Mazda Scrappage Upgrade Plan and savings off a new Mazda. There’s also never been a better time to trade in your old car of 7 years or more. As part of our Scrappage scheme, Kia are now proud to offer you £2,000 off a brand new Kia Picanto, £2,500 off a Kia Stonic and £3,000 off an All-New Kia Niro. So, switch from having no warranty at all to enjoying a choice of 3 fantastic cars all with Kia’s remarkable 7 year warranty. That’s seven years of worry free driving. This offer is available to all manufacturers models, so make the Kia switch today. This offer is conditional on the scrappage of a car or van, of any make, taxed and in good working order, originally registered on or before 31.03.2012 and owned by the customer for at least three months prior to the new vehicle’s order date. The scrappage saving is in lieu of all other offers.
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