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Service, Repairs, & MOT

Border Cars are authorised repairers and MOT Testing for Chrysler, Fiat, Ford, Jeep, Kia, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Skoda and Suzuki.  We can also service, MOT and repair all makes of used cars and light commercial vehicles.

It is important to take care of your vehicle with regular servicing and maintenance, and occasional wear and tear repairs. This makes sure it stays safe and reliable, and when you come to trade it in, its resale value is protected. 

Our technicians and service advisors will look after your service and repair requirements, air-conditioning checks and service and diagnostic advice, and as all workshops are authorised MOT testing stations, they can attend to your annual MOT when it falls due. 

At Border Cars:

  • You will receive really friendly and professional advice.
  • We will follow our own, and other manufacturers' guidelines at all times.
  • We will ensure ongoing contact by telephone while we look after your vehicle, as may be required.
  • A full explanation of work done will always be provided.
  • We will only carry out work requested by you, as may be specified in manufacturers' service schedules, or what we conclude is an industry minimum standard.
  • No un-necessary or "selling up" work will be carried out.
  • We will always seek your clearance to carry out additional work discovered, unless you have already asked us to service and repair your vehicle as required.  Our aim is to ensure you develop a strong feeling of trust in our services, conclude that we do not carry out unnecessary work, and that you always use Border Cars for service, repair and MOT work.
  • Your service history log will be stamped and fully completed, to enhance the future value of your vehicle.
  • We offer a Collection and Delivery Service, and Courtesy Cars are available on request (please always ask in advance)
  • We will complete a free half-valet on vehicles for services booked in advance (full valets can be quoted for as required)



Tyre Rotation Service


Did you know that tyre rotation is an important part of maintaining your vehicle? It provides a more uniform wear of tyres and extends their overall lifespan. For just £24.00 we will not only rotate your tyres but we will also:

Advise you on the tyre wear

Adjust the pressure as necessary

Clean dirt from the valves

Remove stones or other foreign objects

Wash & Vac your vehicle

Complete a Vehicle Health Check

Go on give your tyres some TLC!


New EU Tyre Label Rules

As of November 1st 2012 it is a legal requirement for franchised dealers to display labels on replacement tyres which they sell.  It is also a legal requirement that service advisors are trained and are able to explain the information on the labels to customers.  The labels are put onto the tyres and give information regarding fuel efficiency (rolling resistance) and safety (wet grip).  The information will be displayed using a 7 grade ranking scale which will have coloured bands.

According to the Tyre Industry Federation, A-grade tyres at the top of the ranks can out-perform the lowest ranked G-grade tyre by 30% for safety and 7.5% for fuel efficiency. In layman's terms this could mean a vehicle stopping 3-4 car lengths shorter from a travelling speed of 50mph and could give an average saving on fuel costs of around £100. 

This information helps dealers explain the costs involved when choosing between different tyres, allowing customers to choose the correct tyres for their vehicle.


Mazda, Mitsubishi, Motorhomes 01292 282727
Chevrolet 01292 272277
Mazda, Kia 01228 882227
Chrysler, Jeep, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, DFSK 01228 882249
Fiat, Mitsubishi, DFSK 01387 722204
Chrysler, Jeep, Kia, Mazda, Suzuki 01387 271035
Ford, DFSK 01776 702478
Mazda, Mitsubishi, Skoda 01900 734527

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